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Mobile(Android, iOS) - Web Server(PHP, Java) - IVR(CRM, Genesys) Developer



I am a mobile (Android, iPhone) and Java, PHP developer.
Web and Web server (Rest API) and mobile development are possible.
You can see from the portfolio above.
We are currently developing an IVR(Genesys) called ARS and use JavaScript and Groovy languages.
It is being developed using the Java, Genesys solution and Nexacro.
Thank you. Always be lucky.

2017.11 ~ Current
→ Freelancer (PHP(Codeigniter), Java(Spring), Groovy, Genesys Solution, Nexacro)
2016.03 ~ 2017.10
→ Chanyul (Java(Android, Spring) iOS(Swift), AWS)
2015.04 ~ 2015.10
→ H&Consulting (PHP(Codeigniter), Java(Srping), AWS)
2015.01 ~ 2015.04
→ Nousco (Mobile, Android, Linux, AWS)

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KB KOOKMIN Bank - Visual ARS

Project Period : 2017.11 ~ 2018.05

Project Name : KB KOOKMIN Bank(Liiv TalkTalk In App)

Description : Mobile Visual ARS(IVR, interactive voice response) Development

Project In Use : JavaScript, Hansol inticube IS-IVR

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Catchform Site

Project Period : 2018.01 ~ 2018.06

Project Name : Catchform Site Renewal & Upgrade Development

Description : Catmchform Site Renewal & Function Upgrade Project

Project In Use : PHP7(Codeigniter 3.1.7), MariaDB

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BBar Tablet App

Project Period : 2017.10 ~ 2018.01

Project Name : BBar Project

Description : eMenuBook - Android Tablet Menu books
Linked to POS & Payment System & Smart Order

Project In Use : Android 4.4, Based on MPGIO Tablet

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Boime Remote App

Project Period : 2016.12 ~ 2017.03

Project Name : Boime Remote App

Description : BOIME setting App, Bluetooth base & wifi Function

Project In Use : Android min SDK 19 (4.4 kitkat) ~

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Project Period : 2016.05 ~ 2017.02

Project Name : BLUECANVAS

Description : BLUECANVAS is a digital canvas and digital frame app.
It registers the equipment through Bluetooth and controls the equipment through MQTT PUSH.
Simply put, it is easy to think of digital frames. The user app has the SNS function and it works with INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.
The iOS app was built with Swift, and at the end, it included only minor tasks such as adding pages and bug fixes,
and the blue canvas worked mainly on two people.블루캔버스/id1171290096?mt=8

Project In Use : UserApp Android min SDK 19 (4.4 kitkat) ~ , iOS7.0(Swift) ~ , Launcher Device Android 4.4(kitkat)

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eMenu Book Tablet App

Project Period : 2016.03 ~ 2016.07

Project Name : Boime Remote App

Description : e-menubook Android Application
android Tablet Menu, eMenubook, Linked to POS system.

Project In Use : Android SDK 19 (4.4 kitkat)

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Runnable Android App

Project Period : 2015.01 ~ 2015.04

Project Name : Google Fit Challenge Android Health Runnable App

Description : Runnable Android Application

Project In Use : Android SDK, Google Fit API

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